Mastursmagnari M1000

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FTE mastursmagnari með inngang fyrir UHF 40dB mögnun sá besti .
Preamplifiers M 1000 UHF with very low noise figure and high amplification, are suitable to treat very weak signals received in this band with minimum degradation.Their output level gives them a high versatility to treat simultaneously weak channels with higher level ones. Built in an armored box with connectors, perfectly isolated from any emission that doesn´t come from an antenna. Preamplifiers M 1001 have separated and independent VHF amplifier in the same box. Ideal for installations with channels in this band that need to be amplified. Apply separately level reduction according to the number of channels.

Code 9002040
Inputs 1 - UHF
Gain (dB) 40
Regulation (dB) jumpers 7/14
Response flatness (dB) +/- 1
Output level (dBuV) DIN 45004 B 102
Noise figure (dB) 0,8
SWR Input / Output < 2
Maximum consumption (mA) 45
Feed (VDC) jumper ON:12 jumper OFF:15..24
Working temperature (ºC) -20 - +50
Connectors F
Installation type Mast
Packing quantity 10